Our Leadership

Our Executive Team of leaders are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry who embrace a shared vision for success.

Their mission is to establish, communicate, and lead a compelling and inspirational vision for the company that creates value for all of our stakeholders. They provide leadership to the operating and functional groups by setting companywide strategic and operational goals to ensure sustainability and growth while providing direction, motivation, resources, and guidelines for implementation. Most importantly, the Executive Team sets the behavioral expectations of our employees to promote a highly respectful, ethical, and safe workplace at all times.



Our Directors

Pereyiekakemo Gilbert Apreala (Chairman)
In a career spanning over 25 years of senior-level executive experience in both engineering and finance, including his tenure as President of Superior Protection, Ghana Limited at Accra, Ghana....

Nwocha Welfare (Managing Director)
Welfare Nwocha obtained B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics/ computer science from the University of Port Harcourt and M.Sc degree in computer science from the university of Ibadan. Upon his graduation from his first degree, he served as a network engineer with Ampworld Nigeria an ICT firm with head office in the USA. ...


Mr. Awele John Okonkwo (Executive Director)
Mr. John has over 23 year cross-industry experience spanning project management, process consulting, banking, financial controls, manufacturing, capital market operations, power, environmental services, IT, and oil & gas, supply chain management...


Professor Sunnie-Aigbodion Aburime

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1986 (Executive Director)

Prof. Aburime is the Technical Adviser to Galactica Engineering Ltd.  He received his BS in Chemistry from Jackson State University with a minor in Chemical Engineering from a joint program at Yale University in 1978 and the MS. in Chemistry from Jackson State University in 1982...


Engr. Obi Stanley (Executive Director)
Stanley is one of the executive directors of Galactica Engineering. A consummate Engineer with several years of experience in Engineering and Managerial position...